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Differences between fetch and axios


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Differences between fetch and axios





Axios uses an XMLHttpRequest object by default to communicate with the to communicate with the server. There are some things that work with fetch but not with XMLHttpRequest (XHR).

Things that work with fetch but not with axios (xhr)

Progress Report

Using the fetch method, you can see how far the download has progressed.

  • fetch progress

Cache API

You can cache requests or responses to keep them in memory longer.

Policy Control

You can control Cross Origin Resource Sharing or Cache from above.


fetch supports streams, but XHR buffers the entire response in memory.

Abort Controller

fetch provides an Abort Controller, an object that can abort a request.

API compatibility and bundle size differences

fetch has its own API (Promise-based interface, AbortController, etc.), axios (XHR) tends to have a heavier bundle size because it needs to implement features that fetch provides natively.

axios has a bundle size of about 29kb
axios has a bundle size of about 29kb

An alternative is the redaxios library. It has a fetch-based implementation and is minimally compatible with the axios API. (fetch-based axios API minimal compat)

redaxios has a bundle size of about 2kb
redaxios has a bundle size of about 2kb

Supported since Node.js version 18

Originally, fetch was part of the web API, so it was a simple way to use JavaScript in a non-web runtime environment. fetch was not available in the Node.js environment. However, with the update to Node.js version 18, fetch is now available

fetch was added in node 18
fetch was added in node 18

So you don't need the node-fetch or isomorphic-fetch libraries to use fetch in the node environment. You can now use fetch in the Browser, Node.js, Bun, and Cloudflare Worker environments.

Consider your project's needs before choosing a library.

관련 포스트가 4개 있어요.

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